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Need It Yesterday Machine
An original animated short by Mark S. Smith

Bigfoot Country - An original cartoon by Mark S. Smith

The namesake of the strip, Sezquatch is a sensitive soul dwelling in the body of a mysterious 7-foot North American Ape. He is the unwillingly-designated leader of the misfit forest animals. Sezquatch is looked up to not just in stature, but because -- according to supermarket tabloids, he dated Sandra Bullock before his marriage to Elvis' widow. The cynical daredevil sidekick of Sezquatch, who lives for the weekend, regardless of his blissful state of overwhelming unemployment. He lives in a wastebasket, from which he draws not only his nourishment, but also various props and costumes essential to maintaining amusement for his minimal attention span. Thurman Q. Porcupine is the designated worrywart of the Woodland Forest. He's a bit sensitive about his height, figure, and his suspicious similarity to a quill-covered, hard-boiled egg. His favorite reading material is the personal ads in the paper... but don't tell anyone. Girth Grizzly is just like an 8-foot Teddy bear -- with the exception of his razor-sharp claws and fangs. While his teeth and claws may be razor-sharp, his wit... isn't. He is fully aware of his limited intellect, yet extremely easygoing. Potential danger around Girth lies only in the direct path between him and food, or between him and a napping area.


Bigfoot Country is a story of friendship between four misfit forest buddies and their daily battles against boredom. The most successful battle is fought by the overactive adolescent imagination of its resident skunk, Deadbeat. The next contender is Girth Grizzly's appetite for naps and gourmet garbage, while bringing up the rear is Thurman's paranoia and Sezquatch's impatience with Deadbeat.

Bigfoot Country the Animated Cartoon!

Two new videos now available online:

"Ridin' Bearback"
2003 Telly Awards Recipient
RT-01:16, 2.8 MB

"Zombie Skunk Ghouls"
special preview
RT-02:20, 5.4 MB

QuickTime required.
Bigfoot Country Ridin' Bearback

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