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Welcome to Marktoonery.com
Home of MarkToons Video Animation
, proudly located in Atlanta, Georgia!

MarkToons Video Animation logo Yep, that's right! MarkToonery.com has made the move to Atlanta, home of Cartoon Network, the Braves, and Peachtree Streets, Avenues, Corners, and so on!

So please pardon our progress as we update MarkToonery.com to mark the occasion. Feel free to come in, but don't mind the dust, and watch your head for falling anvils! We're in the works to make MarkToonery.com a Flash animated site, with all sorts of surprises like exclusive Webtoons, a mini-mall where you can buy MarkToonery.com Tshirts and DVDs, comics, and more! Just be sure to stop by to check for the exciting changes for MarkToonery.com, and don't forget...

"We Mean SERIOUS Funny Business!"

Mark Smith talks about his latest book, The Art of Flash Animation: Creative Cartooning, while also reminiscing about his career thus far in a great interview at Animated-Views.com. Learn more and buy it from our Store page.

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