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Marktoonery Client Portfolio
Our list of clients has been growing steadily since we began in 1992. Listed are just a few of our most recent clients, and, when possible, links to their websites.

Fat Boys Tire & Auto

Fat Boys Tire and AutoThis animated television commercial by Mark S. Smith for Fat Boys Tire & Auto of Wyoming combines live action and animation and you can read the client's reaction to Mark's work below:

Hello Mark,
So Kirk and his wife Tracy were on vacation last week so I went over this
morning! THEY LOVE IT! She said she doesn't just like it LOVES IT! Great
job. Thank you for all your hard work on this. Your awesome! ~Heidi

View "Fat Boys Tire & Auto" - RT:30 - 3.8 MB


Homecrafters Building & Remodeling

Thanks HomecraftersTelly Awards WinnerThis animated television commercial by Mark S. Smith for Homecrafters Building & Remodeling of Pittsburgh, PA was drawn in a "child's crayon" style and won a National Telly Award Silver Medal in 2007 for excellence in animation, writing, and editing.

View Flash video - RT:30 - 380 KB

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The Woolly Sheep Mountain Trading Co.

Woolly SheepThis animated television commercial by Mark S. Smith for The Woolly Sheep Mountain Trading Co. began airing in California and Oregon TV markets on December 8th, 2006 during the classic holiday special "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer".

View "Woolly Sheep :30" - RT:30 - 1.1 MB


View Flash version of this video.



The Cable Girl This Flash animation by Mark S. Smith for Miaco Media, Inc appears on the TheCableGirl.com website.

Click Here to view TheCableGirl.com Flash Animation

Flash required.

Georgia Public Library

Zap Pest ControlMark Smith created the art, animation and voices of the new Georgia Public Library TV spots for their 2006 Summer Reading program.

View "Once Upon :30 PSA" - RT:30 - 3.5 MB

View "Once Upon :60 PSA" - RT:60 - 7.4 MB


Zap Pest ControlMark also produced the first of the Georgia Public Library TV spots for their 2005 Summer Reading program. Based on the work of the popular children's book illustrator Phoebe Stone, Mark used a combination of techniques with MacroMedia Director and Adobe After Effects to achieve realistic touches like a lion's mane, originally drawn with pastels, gently blowing in the wind.

View "Georgia Public Library PSA" - 6 MB


Digger Doug's Underground

Zap Pest ControlThe opening to the Digger Doug Show, Digger Doug's Underground, was produced by MarkToonery.com for Apologetics Press, located literally around the corner from Mark's former Montgomery Town Home. Not only did Mark design the costumed characters for the show, but he also ended up directing the live-action sequences for the show's pilot through ABC-32, where Mark was Creative Services Director. Digger Doug's Underground was one of the first original programs for a new Christian Cable channel in Tennessee.
Additional note: The Digger Doug Show was the last cartoon MarkToonery.com produced with MacroMedia Director. From here on out, we use Flash. It's quicker and more economical.

View "Digger Doug Opening" - 5.4 MB


Zap Pest Control - Zap Man

Zap Pest ControlZap Pest Contol commissioned MarkToons to create a :30 TV spot that successfully runs in the Montgomery, Alabama television market.

View "Zap Man" - 3.1 MB


Alabama Public Television - Physics is Fun
Physics is FunThis has provided two projects for MarkToons. The first was an episode called "Makin' Waves," which showed how sound waves travel through the air at a recording studio.

The second, pictured here, is about how the laws of physics apply to the world of the racetrack.


Answers in Genesis
Answers in GenesisAnswers in Genesis is a nondenominational Christian organization that promotes the importance of the book of Genesis to the Bible. While many people and organizations would rather "remove" this foundational book (and its teachings) from scripture, AIG refuses to deny its integrity.

MarkToons is providing character animation and graphics for a promotional/informational video that will be distributed to ministers across the United States on VHS and DVD in order to be shared among congregations.

Apologetics Press
Apologetics PressMarkToons has produced dinosaur and character illustrations for Apologetics Press. These graphics have appeared in the pages of Discovery Magazine: Scripture and Science for Kids, as well as on their website:


Center For Public Television
Center For Public TelevisionLocated on Tuscaloosa's University of Alabama, the Center for Public Television has provided a welcome challenge to MarkToons. Notably, the act of mixing cartoon characters with live video. Although we hardly had the budget of Roger Rabbit, we were still able to take the prerecorded video CPT provided us with and add various cartoon animals: a squirrel, a fish, a turtle, a bird, and even an animated drinkbox.

Auntie Litter and the Pollution Patrol was an educational video about the importance of keeping the environment clean and teaching kids how to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Animated characters are especially adept at teaching children; a live actor could give them the same information and kids would just yawn. But there is just something about animation that makes children--and adults alike--wake up and take notice.


EFS, Inc.
Quick Pawn ShopMarkToons has produced two animated commercials for EFS, Inc. The first was the Quik Pawn Shop "generic" spot, and the second was a Christmas ad. The latter won a Citation of Excellence from the Montgomery Advertising Federation's Addy award ceremonies.


Quick Pawn Christmas PigsOut of the six commercials produced for Quik Pawn Shops, Mark's two favorites are the Christmas commercials, both in the production stage and the resulting ads.

The outdoor shot of the "B.B. Wolf Outlet Center" was produced by Mark's talented wife, Albalis, and more of her work can be seen on the "Murals by Albalis" web page.

While most of the narration for the Quik Pawn ads has been done by voiceover talent Shawn Loyce, this TV spot was one of the rare occasions when Mark decided to use his own vocal impression of Edward Everett Horton, known for "Fractured Fairy Tales."

Shawn, Mark, and artist Melinda Smith are all available for voiceover work, and can be reached via email:
email Mark

Master Books
The Lost World AdventuresOne of Mark's greatest aspirations as a teenager was to be a published author. After many years of trying, he finally achieved publication of his first book; not only as author, but as illustrator.

The Lost World Adventures , released in the Winter of 2000 from Master Books, told a fictional account of how Sir Arthur Conan Doyle came to write the original 1912 adventure of living dinosaurs,

The Lost World.
"Based on characters created by the famed Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, (creator of super-sleuth Sherlock Holmes), author and illustrator Mark Smith weaves an engaging tale of adventure, mystery, and Biblical values. Gorgeous, full-color illustrations add to the sense of excitement as this team of explorers seeks to find the ultimate evidence against the theory of evolution."*

*Book description from New Leaf Press & Master Books' Fall/Winter 2000 Catalog, Page 29.

For ordering information on Mark's book, call Master Books at 1-800-999-3777 or Order Online from their website.

You may also buy The Lost World Adventures from Amazon.com

Sports Specifics, Inc.
The Gibborang GangGibborang(TM) is a character created by Sports Specifics, Inc. of Birmingham, Alabama, and as you may guess from this promotional artwork, the proposed series would include a mixture of live action, animation, and exercise video programming for children.

Perhaps the best reason for promoting early kids' fitness is: unfit children generally turn out to be unhealthy adults--with nearly 20 million children affected and 90 million adults!

Thermalex, Inc.
Thermalex, Inc.Thermalex, Inc. is an international company (with offices in Montgomery, AL and Japan) that requested MarkToons to produce a short 5-minute cartoon to accompany a 5-minute live action video displayed at trade shows.

The cartoon depicted a family of cavedwellers and their overfed "air-conditioner" (a dinosaur) contrasting with a newer, sleek model (an Arctic lynx).

The video won MarkToons an Addy award from the Montgomery Advertising Federation in the category of Sales Promotion.

MarkToons is an Addy-award winning Animation Studio!

Voice Cast:
(In order of Appearance)
Billy the Cavekid: Michael W. Smith
Mom the Cavegal: Melinda Smith
Dinosaur and Lynx: Mark S. Smith
Dad the Caveguy: Shawn Loyce
Doctor: Mark S. Smith
Nurse: Melinda Smith
Vulture: Shawn Loyce

Mark S. Smith (Animation Director)
Chris Norris, Christie Hummel

by Michael W. Smith, Melinda Smith

For any questions about us or our clients, email us: email MarkToons

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